The End Is Here (Live) CD​-​R

by Mermaids

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Raw materials.
All recorded live at Deniz's place sometime in 2011.
Released on cd-r by F91W.

“So no ones even sure exactly where they are because there is no border or landmarks or anything. And the town, its not even a town, really, its just like this camp where these people have gathered to hide, right? All these deserters and guys that got cut off from their armies, all these people that were hiding in the woods and trying to stay alive, this is where they all came. Theres Thieves, Gray Mages, Unbidden Warriors, Dark Avians, Riverwynders, Sappers— theres like fifteen kinds of characters, okay? So basically you have all these characters who dont know each other and they dont know why they are here and nobody has any alliances, okay? Whatever alliances you had before are gone. You cant even say who you are, because you dont know, maybe the person you are talking to, maybe they were like your mortal enemy in the wars. So its just completely like everybody for themselves. So all these people, they all start having these dreams, okay? You know what a vision quest is? Like for Navahos and stuff? Like a special dream. Except this is like a whole bunch of people having the same dream. They are all having this dream that they should go to this one place. They dont know why or anything, they just have this feeling that they have to go there. That they have been summoned. Thats the chapter. Thats what its called. 'Summons to Conquest.' Seriously, thats the title. They dont know they are all having the same dream, thats what’s so cool, they all think its just them, that maybe they are like going crazy or something so they dont want to admit it. But they are not crazy, its real. Its really happening. Something larger than themselves, they are just not ready to hear it.”


released October 6, 2012




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